14 januari 2013

How medical professionals can use Skitch app with Evernote for personal notes and presentations

Purpose of App Review

To review how Skitch can be used as an image annotation tool for medical professionals.

We’ve already written about how Evernote is a great app for organization, efficiency, and productivity.

This “most essential” app is not inherently medical, but is tremendously useful for medical professionals by creating an organized, searchable place to put all our thoughts and notes. Evernote takes advantage of mobile camera phones, encouraging users to take photos of their notes to index them, then automatically makes any text in the photo searchable.

Skitch is a photo annotation tool created by the Evernote developers and meant to be used in conjunction with the original app. As an enthusiastic Evernote user, I was curious to see what Skitch could add, so I tried it out on my iPhone and iPad. The app is also available for Android, Windows, and Mac.

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