07 januari 2013

Tien manieren om patiënten beter te behandelen

Ten Ways Patients Get Treated Better.

Even healthy people worry about the quality of care they can expect to receive when they become ill. Will a cancerous tumor be spotted early enough? Will hospital staff move fast enough to save my life? What is the worried-looking doctor scribbling in my chart?

Health-care innovations aren't limited to drugs and devices. Experts increasingly are adopting new ways to treat patients that studies show are better at healing the sick, preventing disease, improving patients' quality of life and lowering costs. Here are 10 innovations that took root in 2012 and are changing the care patients will get in 2013.
  • Doctors Are Adopting a Better Bedside Manner
  • Heart Attacks Are Being Treated Faster
  • ERs Are Getting Better at Handling Medical Mysteries
  • You Can Finally See What Your Doctor is Writing About You
  • Health Apps Are More Sophisticated
  • Tests for Colon Cancer Are Less Arduous
  • Talk of Dying Gets a Little Less Daunting
  • The Hospital Is Less Likely To Make You Sick
  • Robots Are Helping Your Surgeon
  • Vetting a Hospital Gets Easier
The Wallstreet Journal

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